The Tarantula Research Program
     The Tarantula Research Program began as a partnership of dedicated (and slightly disturbed) student arachnologists whose focus is the propagation and study of tarantulas.  Our small but growing collection is the product of careful research and the desire to study and preserve these fascinating, and in some cases, critically endangered species.  Each member of our collection was carefully chosen based upon their size, temperament, unique coloration, hardiness along with characterisitics that make each specimen distrinctive from the others.  In addition, it is our goal to develop a breeding pair of the Poecilotheria metallica and/or the Harpactira pulchripes with the hope of perpetuating these particularly rare species.

     Our collection currently consists of two members of the Poecilotheria genus, P. metallica and P. rufilata as well as Harpactira pulchripes and Cyriopagopus hati hati.  We have two P. rufilatas living communily and two P. metallicas living in separate enclosures.  Our spiderlings are being fed weekly while we monitor growth, behavior and any changes in size or coloration.  All spiderlings will ulitmately be moved into permanent enclosures once they have reached a significant size and maturity.
The Red Slate Tarantula
Poecilotheria rufilata

The Malaysian Purple Earth Tiger
Cyriopagopus hati hati

The Golden Blue Leg Baboon
Harpactira pulchripes

The Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula
Five years ago Mr. T started the first tarantula research program at Meyer Academy in North Palm Beach.  This was the first program of its kind and it consisted of at least 13 unusual varieties of tarantulas including the "Princess" pictured above.  Click on the picture to take you to the website.

The Gooty Sapphire Tarantula
Poecilotheria metallica

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