Welcome to my world...

     Before I became an award winning, charismatic, life changing teacher/administrator (okay, I was sort of kidding about the last part), I was a member of the corporate world.   During a busy but fruitful stint in Atlanta Georgia, I worked in corporate banking at several large, regional banking institutions.  When I wasn't lending money to small and midsize companies,  (Donald Trump was one of my clients I kid you not!), I was teaching financial statement analysis to junior executives and graduate students.  I was smitten by a desire to teach.

    Over the course of the last twenty-five  years,  I have had the unique opportunity to be one of the founding directors of Oxbridge Academy (West Palm Beach) and American Heritage (Delray Beach) which are two outstanding private schools in Palm Beach County.  I have  served on the Board of Directors for a local film production high school and occupied a number of teaching and administrative positions from Lacrosse Coach, Business Manager, IB Coordinator, Assistant Head of School, Dean of Students and most recently, Dean of Student Life at Lycee' Rochambeau (Bethesda, MD).  Lycee' Rochambeau is one of the finest french international schools in the country and I was proud to be part of their administrative team. 

      Finally, if I had to describe my administrative philosophy towards education it would certainly NOT include words like "traditional,  predictable, mainstream, conventional or boring".  Quite the opposite.     Education has to be fluid and responsive to the needs of the students on a daily basis.   A  traditional or "teach and preach" strategy will not inspire your students and may discourage those that have lost interest in discovering lost worlds, new frontiers and Hostess Twinkies. 

Who said learning had to be painful?

So, welcome to my world and please feel free to contact me at the email address listed below.

[email protected]

Name:                       Richard T. Tripp
Age:                           Old enough to know better
Birthday:                  November 5th
College:                     Emory University/ Emory Univ.School of  Business Administration
Major:                       Marketing/Soviet Foreign Policy
Favorite Color:        Green/Purple
Favorite Books:       Faerie Tales, The Lord of the Rings
Favorite Movie:      Alien
Favorite Food:         Brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts
Favorite Quote:       "May the Hamsters of Doom drop coconuts on your village!"


Favorite Artists:     Santana
                                   Sergei Rachmaninov
                                   The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
                                   Pink Floyd
                                   Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
                                   Echo and the Bunnymen
                                   Keith Urban
                                   Kacey Musgraves

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