The Millennium Falcon Project

          Okay, we could start this project by rattling off a bunch of "Star Wars" one liners and totally give away our obsession with this epic sci fi franchise.  But seriously, we think you know where we are coming from and where this is going.

    In a nutshell, the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon Studio Scale Model Kit is the holy grail of Star Wars spaceships and movie collectibles for that matter.   The Millennium Falcon (MF) affectionately referred to as a "hunk of  junk" is one of the most iconic ships in the movie industry and easily recognizable by its unique shape and surface features.

    So let's get started!  Click on the site navigation tabs below and let's boldly go where no modeler in his right mind has gone before...!        

Okay, wrong movie but I couldn't resist. 

 ​​      Although there are a number of models of the MF that have been produced over the years this one is different.  It's studio scale and designed around the replicas that were used in the filming of "The Empire Strikes Back".  The level of detail is terrific whereby the model features working hatches, an r/c boarding hatch, interior lighting as well as LED lighting for the engines and headlights and a fully detailed interior.  It's also really big measuring almost three feet long, two feet wide and seven inches tall weighing in at an impressive twenty four (24) pounds!

    But wait....there's more.  What really sold us on this particular offering is the fact that the model is shipped to us in 25 installments over the course of the next 18-24 monthes.  In addition, each installment comes with an assembly guide magazine identical to the one pictured on the left.  Its filled with color photos of the assembly, movie and production information as well as archival photos for those of us seeking to replicate our MF down to the last rivet.
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    Finally, it goes without saying that this is a long term project more than likely spanning the course of up to two years but it will be worth it.  Besides, what else would you be doing?

 ​     Our first installment of parts has just arrived along with four issues of the Assembly Guide and a really cool blueprint of our Millennium Falcon.  But before we can break open the first pack of parts, we must make sure that we have the tools, adhesives and paints needed to begin this massive project along with any upgrades we will be using to enhance the build.

    We also purchased a number of Tamiya acrylics from one of our favorite online hobby shops, Phil's Hobby Shop (  Great prices and great service.  These paints will be used on the cockpit, the hold and on other assemblies as well.  We are also using Tamiya's surface primer as well as Restoleum brand primer and Krylon Ivory for the outer hull pieces.  Finally, we are using the Vallejo line of airbrush paints for a lot of the interior cockpit, passageways and hold assemblies.     

   There are many upgrade parts available for a number of features such as the cargo hold for example which include photoetched pieces, fiber optic lighting and 3D printed furnishings to name but a few.  We also ordered 175 feet of .25mm fiber optic lights in several colors along with an LED light emitter.  I have never worked with fiber optic lighting before and can't wait to "light up" the MF's navigation console, cockpit and other areas of the spaceship.

      Finally, several members of the forum are producing 3D printed parts for the MF.  For example, we purchased replacement seats (see below) from Tony RR from Shapeways  as well as a NAV console which provide greater detail and realism.  

 ​       So welcome to the Millennium Falcon Project Build which will guide you through a two year journey that has resulted in an amazing example of scale modeling of one of the most iconic spacecraft in modern history-

The Millennium Falcon.
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