Hurricane Tracking Webpage

     It's hard to live in Florida and not be influenced by severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes and frequent lightning strikes.  Florida has the distinction of being the "lightning capital of the world" featuring more lightning strikes each year than anywhere else on the planet.

    Florida is also frequently in the path of potentially dangerous and life threatening hurricanes as witnessed with Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Andrew which caused the destruction of personal property and loss of life.  It's important that we monitor tropical storm activity and keep a watchful eye for potential storms forming off the coast of Africa which may eventually arrive in Florida as a hurricane.

     Listed below are two hurricane tracking websites that offer two different images of tropical disturbances and the computer models that are used to project their trajectory and intensity.  

Hurricane Tracking Websites:

National Hurricane Center:  Click refresh for the latest updates

South Florida Water Management:  Weather Radar 



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