Comprehensive Science Syllabus

     As primitive man looked out over the horizon, he struggled to understand what he observed.  He soon discovered that understanding the natural world was the key to his survival and for the next few thousand years, man attempted to connect with the stars and Earth's role in the cosmos .  Man would eventually realise that in order to understand who we are, we must first discover where we came from and it is here where our journey through time begins.  

      Planet Earth is over 4.5 billion years old and is the product of a profound event that we are still working hard to understand.  Our position in the solar system and the relationship between the stars, planets and galaxies has intrigued scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers for centuries.  

Course Introduction:  Welcome to 7th Grade Comprehensive Science!    The Comprehensive Science (CS) Program  begins with a focus on the history of Earth and those forces that has helped shape and support life as it stands today.  We will begin our exploration with the Big Bang Theory and examine a variety of celestial bodies that comprise our universe.  We will interview some of the individuals whose discoveries provided the groundwork for our understanding of how the Earth was formed and its relationship to other occupants of our solar system.  We will take a close look at how life began and how it struggled to adapt to an ever changing environment.
     The  CS Program introduces a variety of special topics and project based learning activities often presented in a multi disciplinary instructional format.  This is accomplished through a growing assortment of  ground breaking discoveries, featured articles, cutting edge videos and hands-on activities.  
Grading:  Student achievement will be measured through a variety of assessments such as homework, class discussions, quizzes and special project or lab work.  End of term exams will be given periodically and students will be supplied with study guides and plenty of opportunities to prepare.  The breakdown is as follows:
Quizzes:                         40%                     A                90-100
Class work:                    30%                     B                80-89
9-week Exam:               20%                     C                70-79
Homework:                   10%                     D                60-69
                                                               F                  0-69   
Assignments and Absences:         All assignments are to be completed by their respective due date.  I do not provide students with extra credit and students who are absent from class are responsible for completing any and all missing work.  Students have two (2) days to complete a missing assignment for each day that they were absent.  Any assignment that is turned in late will incur a late penalty. Do not turn in an assignment that does not represent your best effort.
Classroom Expectations:   
Arrive to class on time and prepared with all necessary supplies.
Follow instructions posted daily on the white board.
Participate in class discussions but always be respectful of others.
Stay seated until you are dismissed by your instructor, not the bell.
Ask questions!  Participation is extremely important.
Cell phones are not permitted.  If I see or hear it, it's mine.  Period.

Gravimetric hyperdrives equipped with electron splatter shields are NOT permitted in class during regular class hours.  No exceptions.
Class Materials:
Three ring binder- one (1) inch should be fine
5 subject dividers
Loose leaf notebook paper. Use standard size with serrated edge only
Calculator (yes, you may have to use math in this class)
Daily Agenda- Required and checked in class periodically
Bring brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts to your teacher
Restroom Protocol:  Students are required to use the restroom in between classes.  If it is an emergency, you must sign in and out.  There is a hall pass that is required in order to leave the classroom.  Students are not permitted in the halls without a hall pass.  The restroom in the classroom is NOT for student use. Don't bother asking.
Science Binders:         The science binder will enable you to take notes, file graded assessments as well as worksheets and handouts.  These items will be very useful in preparing for quizzes, exams and admission into the military.
Study Skills and the Internet:      Students will be practicing their note taking and outlining skills throughout the school year. We will be using a variety of digital media sources including a truly amazing, inspirational website at  Many of our class assignments, worksheets, and video streaming links can be found on this website as well as others.  Please let me know if you have difficulty accessing the internet at home.

Contact Info: Students can reach me at [email protected]

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