The Anubis Deathmask Cont'd.

     Construction of our mask is starting to take shape but there is still lots to do.  We have added several layers of pink sculpting foam and are now beginning the process of sanding it into a rough contour or shape.  We trimmed the contractor's hat while removing portions of the visor and outside brim.  In addition, we have reshaped Anubis' forehead or brow pushing the eyes forward.  We will continue to use our belt sander followed by Evercoat filler to fill in some of the larger gaps.

      Our contractor's hat now has a more narrow contour after trimming off some of the excess plastic around the outer brim.  After rough sanding the snout, we have added more foam to the sides in order to buildup the cheeks of our jackal.  Next, we marked locations for the ears and drill two pilot holes into each side of the hat where the foam ears will be mounted.  We will use wooden dowels to help anchor each ear to the hat.  Pictured above right you can see how our ears will look on our mask.  Eeek!

      Determining the correct proportions has been a challenge for us but slowly removing a small amount of material at a time really helps us get a better idea as to how this mask is going to look.  We are using a sanding drum on a drill press to rough shape the contours of the forehead and cheeks (above left).  Next we cut pieces of file folder stock for additional contour and then applied fiberglass cloth and resin to the forehead.  The challenge here is that fiberglass resin melts foam which means we have to be very careful going forward.

     Bobby and I have started applying fiberglass to our mask as pictured above.  We will smooth out the bumps and ridges on the contractor's hat and then blend the foam into the hat.  Although the fiberglass resin reacted with the foam we were able to offset some of the effect by sealing the foam with a mixure of white glue and water.  We have also removed about one inch of foam from the brow using a coping saw and have shortened the snout by over an inch.  In the picture above right, we have added more foam to complete the underside of the chin.
     In these pictures above, we have applied the first of several layers of Evercoat two part filler to smooth out the rough spots and to add important curves or contours to the cheeks, brow and snout of our mask.  This material sets up quickly and is easy to sand.  Be forewarned, both the filler and the fiberglass are highly toxic and MUST be used outdoors.  We used a handheld finishing sander to do a lot of the sanding on the mask.
     Bobby and I have turned our attention to the ears of Anubis.  We started by carving out some of the foam, sanding and then eventually sealing them with drywall spackling.  This must be done before applying primer or base coat.  We are using both a Dremel tool for the rough carving and shaping followed by hand sanding using medium to fine grade paper.  The results have been terrific.
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