How to make an Anomalocaris (without losing a finger)
     Anomalocaris is definitely one of the most intriguing creatures of the Cambrian Period with the same popularity as a Great White during Shark Week.  It was the first predator and also one of the largest of the Cambrian Critters.  It's unique body plan gave rise to the first arthropods featuring a segmented body, jointed appendages, some of the most sophisticated eyes in the animal kingdom and of course, its "spiky things" used to capture prey.  

    We will be using sheets of poly foam along with fiber board, manila file folders, styrofoam balls and fiber board to create our very own Anomalocaris.  In the Wiwaxia build we learned how to laminate and seal foam in order achieve impressive results and we will do the same here.  Let's get started:

Materials Needed      

* Poly Foam Sheets                                               * Fiber Board (Office Depot)
* Titebond (Or Elmer's) Carpenters Glue         * Coarse Raspe of Wood File
* Manila File Folders (Office Depot)                 * Auto Body Primer
* Steak or Bread Knife with Cerrated Edge     * Auto Body Filler (Optional)

 Planning IS everything   
     Before we begin construction, we must first determine the size and general shape of our creature. This creature was at least one meter in length so ours has to be at least this large. 

     Next, each body segment will be made from foam that has been laminated together in two or three pieces at time, each segment will slightly different from the other.  The idea is to create a contoured segmented body.  Yes, we can do this.

     In order to make a body segment, we will need to draw a template using a heavy gauge manila file folder.  These templates will help us make accurate cuts when it comes to slice and shape our foam sheets.

     We are using Poly Foam Sheets that were purchased at Home Depot.  Each pack has (5) four foot sheets of one inch foam.  Its very affordable and easy to work with. 

     We will use a bread knife and/or a scroll saw to cut  pieces using our templates as a cutting guide.  The bread knife is good for general shaping but the scroll saw can make accurate cuts much faster and much cleaner.  We estimate we will have at least 30 pieces of foam to shape into the creature's body.


                      Floral foam
           (Michael's, Jerrys Artorama)
                 (Home Depot)
                     Poly Panels
                 (Home Depot)
     The next step in our construction is to outline the Wiwaxia scales on fiber board  that we purchased at Office Depot.  They don't have to be perfect and you can use scissors to cut them out.  We are going to add texture to them prior to painting.

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