Sky W Queen Alien

    It is fairly difficult to find any statues of the infamous Queen Alien featuring a full torso and stand.  Her size makes it difficult to cast and ship let alone capture many of the details that you see here.  Sky W followed up his perched or crouching  alien with this exceptional sculpt which I did not hesitate to acquire given its large size and terrific detail.  It is painted in an almost metallic bluish, green with a glossy finish very similiar to the original.  We added alien eggs and surface details to the solid resin stand which adds considerable depth to the piece.  It  stands well over two feet tall.

  The Flying Gung Brothers Xenomorph
       The FGB Xenomorph is undoubtedly one of the most desireable statues in this, or any collection of this kind.  The Flying Gung Brothers ("Bob") was commissioned a number of years ago to sculpt a large promotional display for the upcoming movie "Alien vs. Predator".  Only three of these statues were ever produced and I was incredibly lucky to have obtained this one.  When I contacted Bob he indicated that the original molds had been destroyed and that all he had left was a disassembled statue poorly cast and coated in red oxide primer (see below).  I purchased the alien statue anyway and left it in the original packing crate for several years.

    I eventually unpacked the monster and performed a complete overhaul of the original design resculpting and augmenting most of the original components.  The statue stands over four feet tall and even though it is huge in size it only weighs about 15 pounds.  I used a combination of Aves Apoxie along with fiberglass resin to complete much of the statue.  Its core is actually made from foam which accounts for its light weight.   It has been sprayed with a flat black base coat and will eventually receive a burnt sienna or copper like finish.

    I created a grate for the base that simulates the floors of the space station where this creature originally came from.

  Timeslip Models Concept Alien
     ​​ This statue was produced in limited quantities about 15 years ago by Timeslip Models formally based in Manchester UK.  The resin kit was quite large standing at about two feet tall and is a reasonably accurate rendition of HR Giger's first concept of the now classic "Alien" made famous in the movie directed by Ridley Scott.  What's interesting to note is that Giger suffered from terrifying nightmares and was directed by his psychiatrist to document  his dreams by sketching them immediately after they occurred.  The drawing on the right is a sample of what he envisioned.

    The statue was recently "discovered" in a large box hidden in the back of a grossly neglected closet and has been uncovered for immediate assembly.  The build is being documented on this website and will hopefully bring this unusual and rare statue to life.  Pictured below are the only known Timeslip statues that currently exist.


        At present, the statue is ready for the application of the final base coat.  I have finished all of the restoration work on the base which took several monthes to complete.  The statue has received several coats of Vallejo flat black applied with an airbrush.


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