The Predator and Medusa

   These two full size sculpts were acquired from Black Heart Studios which is owned and operated by George Stephenson.  The original sculpture was done by Joe Simon, who I believe is one of the most talented artists in the business.

    The Medusa bust always brings me back to the classic  movie fantasy "Clash of the Titans" when the hero played by Harry Hamlin stalks and eventually kills the ghastly mythological creature known as "Medusa".  The attention to detail is amazing and the snakes were painted individually to bring out even more realism.

    The Predator bust is also a full size piece and reflects tremendous detail.  The mouth is particularly wild and you can almost smell the creature's foul breath as it stares you down.  Both of these pieces are mounted on the wall of my den and my golden retriever refuses to come in the room because of these two.

  The Pallisades Inspired Alien
       I could probably write a book about this piece.  It is one of my favorites and it took me almost two years to resculpt after being shattered into hundreds of pieces and shards during delivery.  It was originally sculpted for me by an artist in the United Kingdom and it stands four feet tall. It  is an original piece although it closely resembles a much smaller statue sculpted years ago by Palisades.  The clear resin dome was removeable but the casting quality was so poor that I decided to paint it a smoke color which would reveal details from the skull but hide some of the casting imperfections.  

I used several pounds of Aves Apoxy Sculpt to recreate this piece which worked well with cold cast porcelain material.  Lots of pinholes and imperfections to fill but a really amazing piece nonetheless.

As of this date, I have yet to finish painting this unusual interpretation of the Alien.

        Once the repair was finished I sprayed a flat black base coat to prepare the statue for painting.  The black paint will highlight the seams and crevices that make this sculpt so unique.  Pictured above and to the right are some of the larger chunks that were broken during shipping.  There were literally hundreds of fragments lying on the bottom of the packing crate.  The alien head was the only part of the statue that was not damaged.


  The Sky W Crouching Alien
     ​​This has to be one of the more unusual and certainly one of the largest Alien statues ever made.  The sculptor is Sky W (Hong Kong) who has done several interesting interpretations of the creature.   It is cast from polystone and the detail is quite good.  The alien is perched on the removable organic looking stand in a pensive, almost contemplative pose.  The paint work was done by The Reverend and I think that this is one of his best.  The statue is filmed in natural sunlight which highlights the incredible, yet sometimes subtle details in the paint scheme.  We are not aware of another painted statue of this kind in existence.  

        Once again, the statue is currently residing in my den staring menacingly at the floor and stressing out my golden retreiver.


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