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Spartan Helmet Tutorial
    Who hasn't read the legends about Spartan warriors or seen the movie "300" and NOT been inspired to wear your very own Spartan warrior helmet?  We recently succumbed to this temptation during a recent study of early Greek culture whereby it did not take long for us to feel the need to dress like a Spartan.   A quick review of the Youtube channel and Marcos and I were in business.  Here is what happened next...

Project Description
   Our helmet will follow the "classic" spartan warrior design worn by King Leonides in the movie "300".  It will be constructed from cardboard using templates found on the web.  We will be using a combination of paper mache' and fiberglass to hopefully give us the desired appearance and structural support.  Spartans unite!
Materials Needed
   Cardboard boxestemplate downloadscissors
   glue stick hot glue gun      foam head
   Krylon silver paint   Krylon flat black    Krylon bronze
   white glue     newspaper  fiberglass cloth
   fiberglass resin
Our Project Begins
   After downloading the templates for our helmet we ventured over to Office Depot to have the PDF files enlarged to an A4 standard.  This produces a helmet blueprint that is lifesize with a universal fit.   We purchased a foam head from Michaels which would be essential in helping us to assemble our helmet once the cutting and glueing was underway.

Finally, we found some cardboard boxes and cut them down to size before gluing the templates.  The templates will be removed once we begin securing each component to the helmet.
Once the templates were carefully cut out we used our glue stick to paste them to the back of several cardboard boxes.  Next, Marcos and I cut out each cardboard template and used our glue gun to secure each piece.  Shown above are the cardboard templates, the front faceplate and the crest or "mohawk" for our helmet.
    The two halves of the helmet body had to be glued in two steps- The first to shape the helmet and the second is to secure the two halves together.  The next step is to glue the two halves of the crown as seen in the picture above left.  Marcos and I added additional strips of cardboard inside of the crown for added strength.  After glueing the faceplate together, we mounted the mohawk and the faceplate to the crown of our helmet.  This process took a great deal of glue and patience but we think the results were worth it.
This page was last updated: December 13, 2017
    Once the glue had dried, we mixed a 50/50 ration of white glue and water after tearing strips of newspaper into small pieces.  Using a paint brush, we soaked the newspaper in the glue mix and applied them to our helmet.  We will repeat this process several more times until we get a strong, smoother exterior finish.