The B9 Environmental Robot
Not just another pretty face...
   In the spirit of classic science fiction we could not resist purchasing the Moebius B9 Robot from, you guessed it, Lost in Space.  Although Robbie the Robot (Forbidden Planet) broke new ground with the introduction of a fully articulated, intelligent android, the B9 Non Theorizing Environmental  Control  Robot remains one of the most well known icons of this classic era.

    Clearly Moebius has made a definite statement by introducing this 1/6 scale robot in kit form.  Standing over 13 inches tall, the robot is cast in clear and gray plastic parts. The B9 features a dome head, rotating torso illuminated by multi colored LED's, and retractable arms with clawlike "hands" used for grasping objects and capable of firing electric shocks at unfriendly aliens.
This page was last updated: February 1, 2017
This page was last updated: February 1, 2017
New World Productions
The Sparmax TC-2000 is a solid upgrade to our tired Iwata compressor.  This bad boy is really quiet, has all of the bell's and whistles with an air regulator, moisture trap, air hoses and air brush holder.  
     The Moebius kit features a lot of exterior detail which means we will have to mask and paint many of these pieces before final assembly.  Lighting must be installed before final assembly in order to address the likelihood that additional scratchbuilding is needed. 

    Although the kit is beautifully cast and detailed, Paragrafix makes an updated parts set from photoetched brass which will raise the bar on scale accuracy even higher. Tena Controls as well as VoodooFX produce lighting kits for the B9 whereby the Tena Controls unit includes a sound board with over 16 different sound bytes synched with the LED lighting.   The Tena Controls lighting kit does require assembly but the sound feature makes it an appealing option and a likely acquisition.
    Pictured on the far left is the B9 with the VoodooFX lighting kit installed.  Randy Neibert is a terrific designer and pleasent to work with.  This kit requires some experience with assembling circuit boards and does not include sound.

    Tena Controls produces a growing assortment of preassembled lighting kits and we are currently using one of their units in the C57D starcruiser.  Both setups are pricey but add tremendous realism to this, and other projects.
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