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The Timeslip Alien
Be very afraid
Final Paint has begun!!!
Last updated on June 22, 2017
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This page was last updated: January 24, 2018
New World Productions

The Great Pyramid of Giza
Project construction has begun!
Updated on December 05, 2017
StormTrooper Armor Tutorial
Mr. T has awakened
Last updated on June 04, 2016
C57D Star Cruiser Build Underway
Classic Spaceship Nearing Completion
Updated on May 22, 2016

Your Host Mr. T
(Enter at your own risk)
Star Lord and Gamora!
(Dynamic duo steal the spotlight at Purim

Alvin R/C DSV IS Complete!
March 17, 2017
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Stalking Xenomorph Spotted...
New owner's little sister has disappeared.

King Leonides Helmet Tutorial
"Spartans ready your breakfast and eat hearty...
for tonite we dine in Hell!"
(Updated on December 7th, 2017)

The Adventure begins...  

     Welcome to my website featuring a variety of engaging and thought provoking pages (not suitable for young children, the elderly or individuals with a heart condition).  Each page or topic features a growing host of  unusual hobby projects, adorable tarantula collections, starship construction and of course, golden retrievers.  All of which are designed to make your exploration into my universe more enjoyable with a greater chance of surviving the experience... It will also make you smarterer.

So strap on your quantum gravimetric hyperdrive, grab some pop tarts and let's go!
Mr T is going back to Altered State!
That's right, the Man is heading back to Altered State to recharge his tarantula and add yet another. 
Stay tuned.

My Home Page
Star Trek Enterprise
Monster Tutorial of Classic Starship
H.R. Giger Space Jockey
Latest Addition to Alien Collection
Giant Statue is...wild!

Maria of Metropolis Robot
The first robot ever depicted on film
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Breeding the Carolina Praying Mantis
Our mantis nursery is ready...
(Updated on December 7, 2017)

R2D2 Astromech Droid
Deagostini 1:2 Scale R/C Kit!!!
Light Saber Done!!
Updated on January 14th, 2018

Cambrian Critter Project
Critters are up for adoption!
They make wonderful pets for the little ones...

New Arrivals are Coming Soon!
Poeciletheria rufilata
Last Updated on April 02, 2017
The Millennium Falcon Almost Finished!
Updated on August 15th, 2017
Study Guides for the Tragically Gifted
Be very, very careful...
you just MIGHT learn something

The Robotics Program
Not just another pretty andriod!
Two new Robotic Project Builds
Updated January 24th, 2018

Anubis Death Mask Tutorial
Your personal tour guide into the afterlife!
(Updated on January 22th, 2018)